Fast-Built and Fast Fun

Sam and Craig at the Kalamazoo Fast Build charity event.

NewCraft was part of the late Summer Fast-Built project in Kalamazoo. For those of you who may have seen such efforts on TV, they are even more amazing in person. The amount of planning that each component required goes completely unnoticed by the general public. For NewCraft, we had to install a kitchen that would normally take two or three days, in just a few hours. That meant every detail had to be anticipated. And, since no house’s dimensions are actually the same as what the plans call for, multiple scenarios had to be accommodated in case spaces were smaller or larger than specified.

Once we got on site, the team jumped into action. Sam and Craig took the lead while Milwood Remodeling and Chelsea and Char pitched in wherever needed. Sam even got me to do a few finish tasks and to hold some cabinets in while they fastened them in place.

The NewCraft team wasn’t the only one double-timing it. Watching the interior trim guys pre-build all the window and door trim and then team-carry them and nail them in place was pretty amazing. There really should have been a lot of collisions, crashes and cursing. But there was only hustle and quick progress. For me, it was truly inspiring to be part of such teamwork and for such a good cause. If you ever get the chance to help in one, I highly recommend it.

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