Engineered for Quality

We’ve all heard what Henry Ford did for the automobile. Prior to Mr. Ford, every car was individually designed and built by a team of craftsmen. They were custom and expensive. Lack of consistency made maintenance difficult, as well. By pioneering modern, engineering techniques, he improved the quality of the automobile and made cars affordable for virtually every American. NewCraft is doing the same thing for kitchen cabinets.

Quality components throughout

While there is still a place for custom-made cabinets, they come with the cost of both time and money. By engineering cabinets with standard sizes using exacting design and manufacturing, the quality and consistency has been dramatically improved. In addition, our cabinets are assembled as the final step before installation. This allows us to ship and warehouse our cabinets for far less and with a much more sustainable environmental footprint.

Our comprehensive inventory of size increments in both widths and heights allows us to design a kitchen layout to your specific dimension and preferences without the costly process of custom building. We pass these savings along to you. NewCraft is making a modern kitchen affordable for virtually every homeowner.

All our cabinets include amenities such as 3/4″ plywood shelves and under-mount, soft close doors and drawers. Visit our showroom and inspect the quality for yourself.